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Dr. Kodet will lecture at the Japanese Embassy in Prague

Center of Japanese Studies

19. 11. 2022

Public lecture

Dr. Kodet will have a public lecture, "The Meiji Restoration and the Birth of Modern Japan," held by the Japanese Information and Cultural Center by the Japanese Embassy in the Czech Republic. It will be focused on the causes and consequences of the changes that happened in Japan from the 60s until the 70s of the 19th century. The turbulent era called Bakumatsu resulted in the collapse of the Tokugawa Bakufu and the subsequent birth of the new imperial government, which initiated sweeping reforms bringing Japan into the modern world. This event is, however, often misinterpreted. The process of political change was not, in any case, straightforward and the old narrative of the struggle of the "backward" shogunate against the modernizing domains is already outdated. Dr. Kodet will therefore focus on presenting this important period of Japanese history in its complexity and will set the events of the Meiji Restoration in the context of world history.

The lecture will be held on November 22 at 18:00 at the Japanese Information and Cultural Center (Hellichova 1, Prague).

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